Hello Friend.

My name is brandy
I see you.

Every thread of your being has changed since becoming a widow.

You might feel lost and hopeless, wondering how this could be your life.  Wondering if your best days are past. 

I see you because I am just like you. 

I am on my own widowed journey and multiple loss journey.  Losing both my husband and dad in a two-year span all while raising an infant and toddler really did a number on me.  My dad and husband where such as integral part of me.  Sewn into every fiber of my life.

Losing them was like losing a part of my identity.

Angry can’t even begin to describe how I felt about it.  I have come to realize that there really are no words to describe the intense amount of pain, agony, desperation, and despair I felt.  You might be feeling this too.  

The Good News

There is hope! I decided to face the facts; moving from barely surviving to thriving was going to take work. But I could do it. 

I tried to do it all on my own.

First, I used my faith as a weapon by telling myself that “all I really need is the Bible and God would do the rest.” The bible is a blessing, but the problem was, I wasn’t doing anything specific to help my situation. After a few years of trying this tactic, my life was still a complete mess. I heaped onto the mess even more suffering by telling myself I wasn’t a strong enough Christian. I was in terrible shape.

Then I found life coaching.

Actually, life coaching found me…or better yet, what I really believe is God put life coaching right in front of me. I didn’t even know what life coaching was! My first thought was “why not? Nothing else has worked.” I was desperate for change. For help. To live again. I signed up and made an agreement with myself that I was going to do whatever it took to at least tolerate my life.

Drum roll for the best news!

I did the work. It was hard. Very hard and very emotional, but I am so glad I did it because I truly love my life now.  I never ever thought I would say that.  Not in a million years.  So I’ll say it again.

I truly love the life I have created for myself. 

This doesn’t take away from my time with my husband or how much I will always will miss him.  It has everything to do with how I decide daily to show up in this world.  He would be proud. 

I believe in God and a Heaven.

I know he is there right now, probably having a blast.  So, I decided if he can have a blast up there, then I can have a blast down here.  And that’s exactly what I am doing. 


My goals

1. Seek and follow God’s will for me.
2. Raise my children to follow suit.
3. Help Others do the same.

I thrive on helping others.

My heart goes out to all the widows in the world trying to find their way. I would be honored to come along side you and help with that process. 

One on one.
Limited clients.
Dedicated to you.



Widow, Survivor & Certified Life Coach

I am a certified life coach

It would be a blessing to help you create a life you love too.
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