A Dream Come True

September 30, 2022

Three weeks ago, I experienced a dream of mine come true.  Well, sort of.  When I was in my 20’s I dreamed of moving out west, buying lots of land and creating a sanctuary for wild mustangs to roam free.  Well, life happens, and that dream was never realized.   Instead, I got an amazing opportunity to meet wild mustangs at Stormie Acres Ranch in Kiowa, Colorado.  My new friend Gina runs a non-profit called For the Love of Aria where she cares for wild mustangs that have been rounded up by the BLM and sold off at auctions.  One little foal stole my heart.  Her name is StellaLuna.  She has a heartbreaking story which you can read about on the For the Love of Aria Facebook page. Her motto is Believe and Begin Again.  When I first heard this I immediately thoughts about how this is the motto for so many, including me and my fellow widows.  Believe in what is possible and begin again.  Begin with love.  Love for your husband, love for God, and love for yourself.  Believing it is possible to enjoy life again.  I saw this joy in StellaLuna.  Even though she is not with her original family, free in the Sand Wash Basin, she is happy and enjoying life.  She is well cared for and loved.  Although she might remember a time before Gina and Stormie Acres Ranch, she also looks forward to her future.  She is an inspiration to me and just like StellaLuna, every day I choose to Believe and Begin Again. I hope you will too.

For the Love of Aria | Facebook

Photography of StellaLuna by WilsonAXPE


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