Labor Day

September 6, 2022

Recently, we celebrated Labor Day and God brought to my mind many things, including how much I have labored to get to where I am today.  Grieving the loss of my husband and dad along with the little losses of not having them here is hard work.  Allowing feelings instead of pushing them away is hard work.  At the same time, it is hard work to block out feelings, push them away, ignore them, or refuse to acknowledge what we are truly feeling.  This is really hard work.  I would say, harder than allowing the feelings.  I know this firsthand because for years after experiencing loss, this is how I dealt with it, or pretended to deal with it.  I was the master of compartmentalizing my feelings.  I would put these feelings is little boxes within me and attempt to seal them up tight.  The problem with this is, something would happen to disturb the box with my feelings and BOOM, my feelings would come rushing out at me and everyone else around me.  This is how I moved through the world for years and I was miserable.  After learning how to allow my feelings and understand they are not going to hurt me but rather they are the currency to the life I truly wanted, I began to unpack my feelings box and allow them to come out into the light.  And you know what…it was exactly what I needed to start healing and making decisions about what I wanted my life to look like.  So, this Labor Day I sat and reflected on the hard work I have done, on the hard work God has poured into my life, and I thanked God for where I am today.  If it is hard work either way, to allow your feelings or push them away, then which will you choose?  Allowing yourself to feel your feelings is the path to designing the life you enjoy.  Why not start down that path today.  If you want help allowing your feelings and creating a life you love even after the loss of your spouse, then I am here for you. Email me at and we can start this journey together. 💕


Widow, Survivor & Certified Life Coach

I am a certified life coach

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