Birth Day

August 31, 2022

The first of many blog posts is happening today!  And it just so happens I recently celebrated a birthday.  So, I believe it is only fitting that close to my birthday is the birthday of my blog!  I tend to have a wide range of emotions on birthdays.  Whether it is my birthday or a loved one, I tend to carry both happy and sad emotions along for the day.  This is not a pretend to be happy but inside I am sad situation but rather I have learned how to feel two (or more) emotions at once.  I miss my husband and others that have moved to Heaven, and I am happy to enjoy my special day with my loved ones still with me.  The sense of loss is heightened on these days but so is my sense of happiness.  Sometimes I find this all very strange and enjoyable at the same time.  Through this journey I have learned to fully embrace the concept of “and”.  The understanding of feeling one emotion “and” another allows me to be all in on my life and make decisions that helps create a life I love.  My hope on the birthday of my blog for widows like me, is that you will begin to embrace the “and” concept.  I believe it is the path to creating an amazing life while honoring our Heavenly husbands.     


Widow, Survivor & Certified Life Coach

I am a certified life coach

It would be a blessing to help you create a life you love too.